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Cerebral palsy is a term that covers a wide range of physical problems caused by brain damage and the most common form of cerebral palsy is spastic cerebral palsy. Roughly 80% of all cerebral palsy cases are spastic cerebral palsy.

Most commonly described as having stiff movements, spastic cerebral palsy causes a group or groups of muscles to have limited movement.

Difficulties Resulting

Changing from position to position can be difficult if suffering from spastic cerebral palsy because of the stiff and jerky movements common amongst spastic cerebral palsy patients. Other actions, such as grasping objects and then letting the object go can also become very difficult if suffering spastic cerebral palsy.

There are no cures to any types of cerebral palsy, including spastic cerebral palsy but there are various spastic cerebral palsy treatment methods that can help make the symptoms become more manageable. Depending on the severity of the spastic cerebral palsy, the individual may have a harder time living more independently than other cp patients.

Financial Burden

The cost incurred because of spastic cerebral palsy can be very high and in the case of a medical mistake being the suspected cause of the spastic cerebral palsy, the parents should contact an attorney. While not every instance of spastic cerebral palsy is because of medical mistakes, a legal expert will be able to recognize if a possible case exists. Proving spastic cerebral palsy was the result of medical mistakes can be a very difficult process but with the proper legal team it can be a successful outcome.

For more information on static cerebral palsy, contact us to confer with a cerebral palsy lawyer.

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