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Maine, along with the rest of the United States, has seen infants born with brain damage that leads to cerebral palsy. The worst part is that many parents don’t know their child has the condition when they take the baby home. Their baby may appear perfectly healthy and normal. Some babies don’t show definitive symptoms for several months. The first signs may be delays with rolling over or lifting the head. Other babies have abnormal relaxation or rigidity of muscles.

Searching for Answers?

Once a pediatrician gives the diagnosis, a parent’s next question is often why did this happen. That is where talking to a qualified attorney may help. In Maine, there are attorneys that specialize in helping parents deal with a child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis. It is often difficult to prove that the brain damage occurred because of medical carelessness. That is why having the right attorney is so important.

Our attorneys have access to professionals that specialize in determining what might have caused the condition. We have dedicated our practice to helping parents and infants with cerebral palsy get compensation for their diagnosis.

Our legal expertise and network of medical experts can help sort out the complexities of what actually happened to cause the brain damage. Since the condition is for a lifetime, it is important to get the right doctors and therapists in place as soon as possible.

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