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Children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy in Kansas as in any other state. Cerebral palsy is usually caused by brain damage that happens sometime during the birthing process. Sometimes it happens due to health issues with either the mother or the child. And, sometimes it happens due to medical negligence. If you believe medical negligence could have played a role in your child’s cerebral palsy, you can seek compensation to help with medical bills and future costs. Our cerebral palsy attorneys are available to help parents get answers and seek compensation.

The condition ranges from mild to severe. A child’s potential development depends on getting the right therapies at the right time. That makes getting compensation even more important. It is not a condition to heal in a few months magically. It is a condition that will last a lifetime. Getting the right treatments early is important.

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If you suspect medical negligence may have caused your child’s cerebral palsy, we can help you. Contact one of our experienced cerebral palsy lawyers in Kansas to get answers to your questions. We will investigate the details of your specific case to determine if you have a legitimate legal claim. From there, we can advocate on your behalf and help you and your child seek out the compensation you are entitled to.

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