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Cerebral palsy appears in thousands of births every year, with many in Iowa. The condition usually appears before a child turns a year and a half. Each case is unique but many show problems with cognitive development, muscle tone, movement, and other signs. As a child grows, more problems appear in learning disabilities, speech impairments, hearing, and vision loss. Many times this happens because of medical negligence during the birthing process. If medical negligence played a factor in your child’s cerebral palsy, you can get compensation to help with medical bills and future costs.

How a Lawsuit can Help

In Iowa, there are qualified attorneys available to help parents through the process of dealing with the medical negligence. That is true from Des Moines to Cedar Rapids. Each child will develop different combination of symptoms over time. Early intervention and therapy will help the child develop to their fullest potential. However, it costs money. That is where getting compensation becomes even more important. With problems manifesting years after birth, doing the right thing as soon as possible is crucial. If you suspect a doctor’s negligence lead to your child’s cerebral palsy, speak with a qualified attorney to discuss your options. We have several standing by to help you.

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