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If your child has cerebral palsy, it is important to know the laws that apply to your child and to you. Certain laws guarantee certain rights to persons with cerebral palsy; for example the right to attend school and receive an education; the right to live and work in the community and the right to financial and medical support. If your child is denied any of their rights, you can take legal action. For information about the laws that apply to people living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, contact our offices.

Legal Claims Regarding Birth Injuries

Another type of legal claim that may be filed on behalf of persons with cerebral palsy is one involving birth injuries and medical mistakes. When doctors and nurses make mistakes before, during or immediately after the birthing process, they can cause infants to sustain irreversible brain damage that may cause him or her to develop cerebral palsy.

In situations such as these, parents can file cerebral palsy claims on behalf of their injured infants to seek compensation from the responsible parties. Even if you are not sure whether your infant’s condition was caused by a doctor, nurse or healthcare provider, you should consult an experienced attorney who has the skills and resources to conduct an investigation. If medical malpractice can be proven, you and your child will likely be awarded the financial compensation you will need to face the challenges ahead.

For information about a potential claim, contact our cerebral palsy lawyers today toll free (800) 646-6570.

Cerebral Palsy Claim Evaluation

To determine whether a cerebral palsy patient has a valid medical negligence claim, our highly skilled birth injury lawyers will evaluate necessary medical reports, as well as the events that occurred before, during and immediately following a mother's labor and delivery – which we do by taking witness statements, reviewing any photographic footage, etc.

Some of the signs that medical practitioners have made injurious mistakes may include:

  • failure to promptly perform a C-section when pregnancy complications clearly call for one
  • failure to diagnose and treat a baby's lack of oxygen, meningitis and/or seizures
  • failure to diagnose and treat a mother's high blood pressure, toxemia or infections
  • failure to diagnose and treat a prolapsed umbilical cord (meaning the cord is caught around a baby's neck, potentially cutting off the oxygen supply)
  • failure to diagnose and treat heart rate changes in the mother or baby
  • excessive use of vacuum extraction
  • improper use of forceps.

    More Information For Concerned Parents

Having a child is one of life’s most precious gifts. Discovering your child has cerebral palsy can be an emotional and devastating experience, especially if you find out it could have been prevented. We put our trust in doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers and expect that they will take every precaution possible to ensure our health and safety. When their mistakes cause harm, they should be held accountable.

For more information about your circumstances or to find out if you have a legal claim, please call us today at (800) 646-6570 to contact our cerebral palsy lawyers.

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