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Birth Trauma Causes

The causes of birth trauma vary widely. In many cases, complications arise before or during the delivery of a child, and if the complications are serious, they may result in the baby experiencing birth trauma that causes damage to the baby — temporarily or permanently.

For example, shoulder dystocia occurs in tens of thousands of births each year in the U.S. In a delivery in which shoulder dystocia is seen, the baby's head emerges from the mother but his or her shoulders are stuck inside the mother, usually behind the mother's pelvic bone. An obstetrician or midwife may panic and try to pull the baby out, causing nerve damage such as a permanent brachial plexus injury.

What Causes Birth Trauma?

Shoulder dystocia is just one of the many possible complications of a birth. Birth trauma causes include negligent conduct on the part of medical staff, such as failure to provide care that meets the standards of the medical profession. However, some birth trauma causes are "natural" and cannot be prevented. Complications that do happen are dealt with by medical staff who have been trained to know what to do when trouble occurs.

It is sometimes difficult to determine the actual birth trauma cause (or multiple causes) in a given delivery. That's why it's important to consult with an experienced birth trauma attorney to investigate the details and identify whether the liability (legal responsibility) for a birth injury lies with the personnel or facility involved in a child's birth.

Complications of Birth Trauma

The potential complications of birth trauma include the following. Each may be of a temporary nature (lasting for days, weeks, months or years) or permanent:

  • mental retardation
  • loss of balance
  • lack of coordination; inability to walk or move
  • organ failure or inadequate function
  • neurological disorders (such as cerebral palsy)
  • bone weakness due to fractures
  • inability to speak, or difficulty speaking
  • respiratory problems
  • difficulty swallowing and eating
  • epilepsy; seizures

When your child has suffered from complications during his or her delivery, you should protect his or her future by obtaining legal representation. A birth trauma lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation for your baby's injuries. Call today to schedule a free review of your case.

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