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Birth Injury

A birth injury or birth defect can be devastating for a family, but unfortunately sometimes there seems to be no medical explanation for why the birth injury was suffered. Sometimes through the birthing process the baby can simply suffer a birth injury, with estimates that between 2-7 babies out of 1,000 suffering a birth injury.

Although some birth injury reports will be made without any apparent cause, certain risk factors have been identified:

  • Babies with high birthweight
  • Premature births
  • Inadequate size of pelvis
  • Dystocia
  • Prolonged labor
  • Breech presentation are more likely to suffer a birth injury.

Birth injuries that are sometimes associated to medical errors are cerebral palsy and erb's palsy.

Proving a Birth Injury

Proving a birth injury was the cause of medical errors can be a very difficult task since not all birth injury cases will have a definitive cause.

If parents believe their baby was born with a birth injury because of preventable errors, a birth injury lawyer should be contacted. Due to the complexity of a birth injury case, a birth injury lawyer with proven success should be sought.

While a birth injury case can require many resources to investigate the medical background and gather evidence, it is important to seek a birth injury lawyer with the access to invaluable assets.

For additional information see our birth injuries page.

For more information about birth injury and cerebral palsy, contact our cerebral palsy lawyers to confer with a birth injury lawyer.

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